Physical examination or clinical examination is the process by which our doctors investigate the body of a patient for signs of disease. Your medical history, an account of the symptoms as experienced by the patient is taken initially followed by a physical exam and at times a few tests are ordered by the physician. Together with the medical history, the physical examination aids in determining the correct diagnosis and devising the treatment plan if needed.

In our office we perform these physicals among others:
* Annual or Preventive Physical
* Sports Physicals
* School Physicals
* Employment Physicals
* Pre-operative Physicals

Annual or Preventive Physical
A physical examination may be provided under health insurance coverage, required of new insurance customers, or stipulated as a condition of employment.
Comprehensive physical exams are also known as executive physicals, and typically include laboratory tests, chest x-rays, pulmonary function testing, audiograms, full body CAT scanning, EKGs, heart stress tests, vascular age tests, urinalysis, and mammograms or prostate exams depending on gender.

Sports Physical
Sports physical exam is also known as a Pre-participation Physical Examination (PPE). The exam helps determine whether it’s safe for you to participate in a particular sport. Before starting a new sport or new competitive season, most kids and teens are required a sports physical before they can start and is highly recommended even if you are not required to have one done We offer Sports physicals for teenagers, high school sports and other sports activities.

Employment Physical
Some employers require new employees to undergo a physical exam before beginning work to determine if the employee is suitable for the tasks and job description. The physical examination usually is related to the job the applicant will be doing.

* Please note: Insurance does not cover DOT/CDL Physicals, so you have to pay out of pocket

Pre-operative Physical
Before surgery, some surgeons require a pre-operative physical to make sure you are in good shape to withstand the stress of surgery.