Appointment and No Show Policy for Kyrene Internal Medicine

No show frequency and appointment cancellations with less than 24-HOUR notice are a significant problem for our small practice.

Many practices overbook on purpose so that no-shows and cancellations won’t limit access for other patients as well as cause a financial hardship for the practice.

When it comes to no shows and cancellations, we have three choices:

  1. Dismissing Patients for No shows
  2. Overbooking (leading to long wait times at our office); or
  3. Charging for No Shows


Our office Policy for No Show appointments

We feel the option of Charging for no show appointments is the best fit for our practice and we do everything possible to run on time.

Our staff verify your insurance eligibility and benefits before you show up for your appointment, to prevent long wait times, as well as check on pending tests previously ordered.

As a patient of our office, you also receive a reminder the day before your appointment.

If you have an appointment and do not show up or call our office to notify us, YOU WILL BE BILLED A $40 FEE FOR NOT SHOWING.

If you have a no show appointment, you block the slot for someone who may need that appointment for that day.



Scheduling a doctor’s office visit at Kyrene Internal Medicine

Schedule an appointment by calling 480-598-4145 or do it online.

If you are  New Patient, you can schedule appointment online here

If you are an Established Patient, log into your patient portal or visit this page if you have not set up your patient portal, to schedule your appointment.

Our medical practice is currently by appointment only and cannot accommodate walk-in patients, because it disrupts our work flow and impacts the wait time for scheduled patients but WE CAN ACCOMMODATE SAME DAY VISITS. Call 480-598-4145 to get a same day appointment.

Our policy is to see patients the same day they call, provided they call at least 2 hours before we close.

Scheduling your appointment ahead of time helps our staff prepare adequately for your visit and help reduce wait times.



Being on Time for your appointment

Patients who have arrived on time will be seen ahead of those who arrive late.

Call ahead if you are late or unable to make your appointment time.

We will do all that we can to accommodate your appointment and to minimize the need to reschedule your appointment.

Appointments for additional family members or friends should be made by phone prior to coming to the office. If you would like another family member or friend to be seen, please schedule appointments for them by phone at least 2 hours prior to coming to the office.



Thank you for choosing KYRENE INTERNAL MEDICINE as your Primary Care Provider; our patient’s health is our Number One Priority