The Medicare Program is a Health Insurance Program by the federal government. This health insurance program is usually assumed to cover only individuals who are over 65 but that is inaccurate.

The Medicare Program is for 3 groups of individuals:

  1. Individuals who are of the age 65 and more
  2. Individuals who are under the age of 65 but do have certain disabilities
  3. Individuals of all ages with kidney failure who need dialysis or a kidney transplant, usually diagnosed as End Stage Renal Disease

The Medicare Program currently has 3 parts and not everyone has all 3 parts.

  • Part A
  • Part B
  • Part C
  • Part D

As a beneficiary of Medicare, you can verify which parts of coverage you have with Medicare or with your private insurance company if you have a Medicare Advantage or Replacement Plan.

You can also tell which if you are covered for both Part A and B or only Part A from your card and when they became effective. See the sample card below.

Medicare program card part a and part b

The 3 parts of the Medicare Program

Medicare Part A

This part of your insurance covers hospital related care, skilled nursing, hospice and some home health care as well. This part is usually referred to as your Hospital Insurance.

Almost everyone on Medicare has this coverage because it requires no premium while  you are on medicare because it is usually paid through you or your spouse’s payroll tax deductions when working.


Medicare Part B

This part of your medicare program covers your doctor’s services as well as some outpatient care. Even when you get admitted to the hospital, Part A covers only the hospital portion of your bill and Part B covers for the services provided by doctors. If you  have only Part A, with no Part B, then you will be responsible for the bill for services provided by all the doctors while you were in hospital.

This part of the plan comes with a monthly premium which you pay to cover not only services provided by doctors but also for other services that your Part A does not cover.

Medicare Part D also known as the Prescription Coverage

This part is your prescription coverage. This is also an insurance coverage that comes with a premium which you pay for. It’s not already paid for like Part A is.

When you enroll in Medicare, you have the option to choose a Part D coverage, which if not chosen during enrollment, you may pay a penalty when you decide to join later.

This Plan was created in 2006 to help lower your prescription and medication costs.

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Visit Medicare’s official website for more information.






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